Pre State Titles Nutrition

Day Before:  Lunch and Snacks

Wholemeal sandwich (lean meat and salad, peanut Butter).
Muesli breakfast bars.
Dried fruit and nut mix.
Liquid meal supplement (up&go).

Dinner: night before

Pasta meat sauce.
Stir fry lean meat, vegetables , rice, noodles.
Baked potato, tuna, baked beans, cheese parmesan.

Breakfast Carbohydrate rich: 2 hours before race

Cereal museli fruit yogurt.
Wholemeal toast, baked bean or spaghetti.
Pancakes with banana and honey.
Fruit buns (hot cross buns).
Liquid meal supplement  (sustagen not the sport, up&go).

Snacks during race day (carbohydrates to replenish muscle fuel store levels).

Wholemeal sandwiches (Vegemite).
Breakfast muesli bars.
Pikelets with jam.
Fruit buns.
Canned fruit (peaches).
Rice cakes with jam.
Liquid meal supplement (sustain, up&go).


Fluids during the day

Water with a drop  of cordial.


Meal within 30 minutes of last race of the day  ( to help recovery for the following days competition). Protein

Dried fruit and mixed nuts.
Wholemeal  sandwich peanut butter.
Egg and bacon sandwich.
Lean meat and salad sandwich.
Milk (milk shake. Fruit smoothie).
Liquid meal supplement (sustagen. up&go).


Saturday night meal.  (High in carbohydrates and protein)

Spaghetti bol. (meat sauce).
Stir fry with chicken vegetables rice or noodles or both.
Fried rice.
Baked potato with tuna and cheese (parmesan).
Water, juice.
Liquid meal supplement (sustagen, up&go).

Important note is not to eat a meal you have not had before - in case of digestive problem or intolerances.  

Children should eat whole foods wherever possible.