Working with Children Check (WWC) – FREE TO VOLUNTEERS All members over 18, without exception, require a WWC before membership can be fully completed.

Go to the working with children check vic​

  1. Click apply for a check

  2. Click apply in Victoria

  3. Start Application

  4. Volunteer Check

  5. Enter personal details as required and click next

  6. Click Yes organisation details are known

  7. Enter organisations

  8. Mornington Life Saving Club

    1. PO BOX 424 MORNINGTON VIC 3931

    2. 59758296

  9. Organisation 2

    1. Life Saving Victoria


    3. 9676 6900

  10. Organistaion 3

    1. Childs school etc

  11. Occupation: 42 Clubs, Associations….

  12. Occupation Type: Volunteer

  13. Click Next

  14. Complete ID information as required

  15. You will receive an email with instructions to complete your application form at your local post office.

Frequently asked questions regarding Working with Children check (WWCC)

We can accept a copy of your receipt number from Australia Post for probationary membership. Probationary membership will not be valid for participation in any club activities after 01 December.  Children cannot attend nippers if either parents membership is invalid.

All members over 18, without exception, require a WWC before membership can be fully accepted.

Lifesaving Victoria (LSV) and Mornington Lifesaving Club (MLSC), as a volunteer organisation, have a legal responsibility under the “Working with Children Act 2005″(the Act) and Life Saving Victoria Policy (AD6-05) to:

Ensure that the appropriate people have undergone the WWC; and

Ensure no volunteer with a negative notice undertakes child related work.

There are serious legal ramifications for LSV and MLSC if the Act is breached. Fines of up to $125,000 can be imposed on LSV and up to

$25,000 or a 2 year prison term can be imposed on the club.

MLSC members, whose professions require a police check for employment purposes including teachers & police officers, must apply so their

WWC details include MLSC as a volunteer organisation.

The Working with Children Act 2005 provides for exemptions to Police Officers and VIT registered teachers. Life Saving Victoria requires these people to have a WWC Check despite their exemption under the Act. The reason being that if a VIT registered teacher or a Police Officer who

is a member or staff of LSV or of an associated Life Saving Club commits an offence, Life Saving Victoria needs to be notified.

If Life Saving Victoria is not listed as the staff or volunteers’ employer or relevant organisation, the Department of Justice and Department of Education would be informed but Life Saving Victoria and the Club would not. As a result, a teacher or police officer who is a member of a club could have committed an offence and still be interacting with children. For this reason, Life Saving Victoria requires all members over the

age of 18 to have a valid WWC Check specific to Life Saving Victoria and their associated Life Saving Club

Further updates on the online application form please see the WWC check policy:


For further information please refer to the LS organizational WWC Check policy:
MemberProtection-Working with Children Checks


To view our frequently asked questions regarding WWC Check:

Department of Justice Info line:  1300 652 879