Our Mission


To create an environment where families support and encourage kids to have fun, gain confidence in the surf, get fit and if they like - compete in and be successful at carnivals.


Our Goals                                      Measurement


1. Increase participation    /         Increase no. of kids attending training and carnivals.


2. Improve performance   /          Increase no. of ribbons at carnivals and medals at States.   


Selection criteria


This can create some anxiety amongst parents and the nippers. There is much the age managers and coaches take into consideration including the following:

- results at carnivals (particularly the previous carnival)

- results at training competitions/time trials

- number of training sessions attended

- attitude and behaviour

- conditions predicted at the carnival (some kids cope with surf better than others)


Selection Committee


All teams will be selected by the age managers and assistant age managers in consultation with the coaches.

In the event of an issue with the policy or a particular selection, please see the Nipper/Youth/Senior Captain (as applicable).


Therefore, the age managers will select the teams.... but before announcing them (for boards, surf, wade and aqua-cameron teams) - they will send them to the board coach and the Nipper Captain for approval and to the running coach for the beach relays.