Mobi Chair use...


  • The MobiChair beach wheelchair is designed for use on the beach (on hard or soft sand), on grass or surfaced footpaths, in low water, and to float in shallow water levels.


  • The MobiChair beach wheelchair is to ONLY be used at Mills Beach and where there is at least one support person accompanying the occupant at all times.


  • The chair is designed to be able to access low levels of water to aid floating.


  • Water level should not exceed waist height of the support people.


  • The wheelchair is not to be used in deep water and ONLY between the flags as patrolled by the Life Saving Club.


  • When entering the water to float, it is required that TWO assistants are present.


  • The MobiChair is not intended for areas with currents or strong waves and the SLSC may at any time determine that conditions make it unsafe for use.

  • The SLSC will require the user to return the MobiChair immediately where any person fails to comply with these Conditions of Use.

  • NOTE that there is currently no hoist available for transfer, and this is not an independent chair, therefore please ensure you have the right level of support to transfer and push the beach wheelchair. 

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