Competitions/Registrations & Calendar for Juniors and Seniors


Lifesaving Sport competition plays a major role in the preparation of a lifesaver to meet the physical standards necessary for saving lives in the water. Over the years the competition element of lifesaving has evolved from an aid to the physical preparation of a lifesaver, to its own identity, and plays a major part in the social development of a lifesaver.

Life Saving Victoria wishes all clubs the best of luck for season 2021/22 and look forward to seeing you all on the beach soon, after what was a tough 2020/21 season.

Junior Carnivals

Senior Carnivals

Victorian Lifesaving Championships

Proficiency and Patrol Hour Requirements for the Victorian Lifesaving Championships:

Competition Requirements

  • Skills maintenance

    ▪ Awards expire 31 December 2021
    ▪ Skills maintenance needs to be completed prior to close of entries for the carnival ▪ Completed prior to 1st Patrol

  • Patrol Hour requirements
    ▪ Minimum of 16 hours of Patrol Service to be eligible for Victorian & Australian

    Championship events

Guiding Principles for 2021/22

  1. The safety of members and the community comes first. 

  2. We want to focus on the important link between sport and lifesaving operations (patrols); and

    the criticality of sport as a way of retaining and maintaining fitness levels of patrolling members. 

  3. We encourage Officials and Coaches to keep upskilling and learning in preparation for the


  4. We need the patience and support of our clubs, officials, water safety, competitors, parents, and

    partners to make this happen. 

  5. We will communicate and provide directions to clubs as early and transparently as we can. 

  6. Sport will be different in 2021/22 (Less numbers, carnivals, and events)

  7. Deliver best scenario based on restrictions

  8. Keep it simple - simple is good

  9. Focus on quality and practicality

  10. Need perspective and support from all