Executive Committee

President: Damian Brice

Club Captain: Terry Shrimpton

Vice President: Sophie Veale


Vice President: Naomi Linssen

Treasurer: Wes Roach

Secretary: Kelly Parrish

Chief Instructor: Stewart Lockie


General Committee

Senior captain - Simon Williams

Nipper captain - Ange Seaburgh

Tash Carah

Ash Morrow

Mick Degg


Andrea Greaves

Adel Petterson

Keely McKenzie


Committee meetings are held on a monthly basis at the Clubrooms.

Surf Boat Captain

Richard Moreton

Patrol Uniforms

Jo and Rich Morel



Payments to Mornington lifesaving club  

Communication/Social media/Team app

Member Protection Officer

Naomi Linssen

Nipper Captain

Ange Seaburgh

Senior Captain

Simon Williams

Starfish Nippers

Senior Admin