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Parental Involvement

Parents are invited and encouraged to share the experiences of junior activities with their children - especially with the younger age groups. Involvement within other aspects of the club may include the gaining of awards to assist in providing water safety, coaching specific disciplines, officiating and administration along with participating in social and fundraising activities.

You are definitely welcome at Mornington Life Saving Club!


Come down, meet and socialise with like minded people.

Examples of parental help will include:

  • Assisting in the setting up of the beach and the carrying down of the equipment

  • Washing off boards or helping pack up the beach equipment at the end of training

  • Assist the age group manager during training (this maybe collecting flags or standing in the water for the kids to paddle around)

  • Assist in fundraising events/activities

  • Volunteer to help with the BBQ (every age group is rostered on and all parents are expected to help)

  • Gain your Surf Rescue Certificate or Bronze Medallion to become a Water Safety Officer

  • Become an Official. Clubs are required to supply Officials at all carnivals. Short training courses are provided by LSV and each family is

  • required to become an Official for their child to compete at carnivals.

Watch the socials and Team app for courses at the club.


Priority for acceptance to the Nipper Program will be given to families who volunteer in the following roles-

  • All families must be available for 1 Bunnings Sausage Sizzle and 1 tin rattle on the highway per season. Families in U9 and above who will be competing at carnivals will need the above plus 1 family member to be an official or water safety.

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