The use of high visibility lycra tops is mandatory for all open water-based junior programs and activities conducted by clubs. This includes swims, board paddling and wading. Along with the Mornington club cap must be worn to participate in Nippers.

Mandatory Uniform for nippers

  • High visibility Green top (you can still where your pink top - As long as it is bright)*

  • Club cap* (Please write your child’s name on the top to assist age manager)



What to bring to nippers 

  • Bathers (either your own or club bathers)

  • Water bottle (filled with water only)

  • Towel

  • Goggles/swim cap

  • Sun block (at least SPF 30+)

  • Wide brim or bucket style hat or legionnaire style cap

  • Long sleeve rash vest or protective top

  • Wetsuit (if your child feels the cold)

  • Dry clothes for after nipper program session (suggested only)

Under 6 - Under 8 nippers will be supplied 1 coloured cap each session that are colour coded to their age group.






Should under 8's which to compete at carnivals, they will need to purchase the green and white cap for competition.


Club bathers, pink vests, t-shirts, hoodies, trackpants, wide brim hats and club caps are available for purchase at 


901 Nepean Highway (Service Road)
Open 7 days
03 5973 5777

Full Length deck coats and black jackets are available by pre payment at certain times during the season.

Please label ALL belongings clearly.

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