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Welcome to the MLSC Masters!

Aim of the MLSC Masters Program

The MLSC Masters program is viewed as an encouragement to MLSC members to continue their participation in lifesaving and to enjoy the associated activities available within the MLSC environment. Masters Competition and Training should be regarded as an activity that all members can participate in and benefit from.


MLSC encourages mass participation by eligible members in Masters Competition and Training and, at the same time, will recognize the achievements of members in competition. The program is open to participants of all levels.




  • Create normal training opportunities for patrollers addressing general fitness, water training and beach training in line with SLSA Masters events.


  • Maintain focus on the MLSC Nippers and Seniors programs with a view towards competing at the LSV Masters State Championships 


  • Utilize Senior Athletes where possible as coaches to provide practical opportunities and develop life skills.


  • Allow members who hold a valid Bronze Medallion and participate in patrol / water safety the opportunity to participate in training opportunities along with the Masters.

  • Parents that wish to keep fit and active.

Training - Keep an eye on Facebook and Team app for training days

MLSC endorsed training opportunities will be available for all Masters who meet club requirements (see Requirements below). The requirements are based on participation in Patrol and Water Safety activities. The use of MLSC club assets including surf craft and lifesaving equipment used in training and competition will be covered by the club, with paid activities being the responsibility of participants. Members who do not meet requirements are not eligible to participate in training or competition.

Masters Training and Competition Requirements


  • A master must be a paid member of the MLSC and have attained the age of 30 years by 30 September.

  • Masters Training - must hold a valid Bronze and be enrolled and participate in a MLSC Patrol Group.

  • Masters must also provide water safety at Nippers and LSV Carnivals if you have children competing.

  • Masters Competition – must hold a valid Bronze and be enrolled and participate in a MLSC Patrol Group.

  • Masters Competitors must complete the minimum patrol requirement as set by the LSV - 16 hours in the calendar year and 4 hours before competition if it is a new award. This requirement can be achieved through a mix of patrol hours and Water Safety hours at Nippers and carnivals only. Water safety at paid training does not count towards patrol hours.

Masters Carnivals

As the focus for MLSC will remain with the Nipper and Senior programs, the MLSC Masters will only endorse participation in the LSV State Championship. Any Masters who wish to participate in carnivals during the regular season are welcome to, however they will be responsible for adhering to LSV requirements pertaining to the event (officials, setup, packup, etc…). 

Masters fall under the broader MLSC structure at Senior carnivals and will need to contact the Senior Captain to be registered. There is a requirement for 1 official per 10 competitors, so you may be required to provide an official depending on total numbers.

Transport of equipment will also be your responsibility unless previously organized with the Senior Captain.


Competition Fees


Fees associated with Masters competition are the responsibility of the participant.

Registrations for all carnivals are available from the Seniors Competitions page here.   

Masters Events


Following are the recommended individual events for Masters competition: 


  • Rescue Tube Race (approx. 120 metres) 

  • Surf Swim (approx. 120 metres) 

  • Surf Ski Paddling (approx. 250 metres) 

  • Surf Board Paddling (approx. 250 metres) 

  • Beach Sprint (approx. 70 metres) 

  • Beach Flags (approx. 15 metres)

  • Ironman (swim approximately 120 metres, board and ski buoys set 50 metres respectively behind each other) 

  • Ironwoman (distances as above, however no ski leg) 


Following are the recommended team events for Masters competition:


  • Surf Board Rescue Race 

  • Double Surf Ski Race 

  • Surf Board Relay 

  • Surf Ski Relay 

  • Beach Relay 

  • Surf Teams Race 

  • Surf Boat Race 

  • Taplin Relay 

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