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As a member of the Mornington Life Saving Club (MLSC) there are certain expectations that

all members of our club must be aware of, and practice at all times. The fundamental reason

our club exists is for the enjoyment of it by its members and, with this in mind, the following

Code of Conduct has been established to ensure everybody enjoys a safe, friendly and

inclusive environment.

Parents, or guardians of members under the age of 18 years of age, are responsible for

ensuring their child is aware of these expectations and it is up to them to ensure their child

behaves in the required manner when participating in club activities.

Members who are found to have behaved in a manner that is contrary to these expectations

may be subjected to disciplinary action and, as a result of such action, may be unable to

continue as a member of the club, or be unable to participate in any, or all, activities with

the club. Members are encouraged to report any incidents that breach the Code of Conduct

as soon as they occur so that they can be investigated and any required actions taken.

Member’s Code of Conduct

• Treat others as you would want them to treat you;

• Respect the rights, dignity and worth of others;

• Be fair, considerate and honest in all dealings with others;

• Be professional in, and accept responsibility for, your actions;

• Be aware of, and maintain an uncompromising adhesion to, Life Saving Victoria's

   standards, rules, regulations and policies.

Parents, Caregivers and Spectators’ Code of Conduct

• Remember that children participate in sport for their enjoyment and development;

• Encourage children to participate, do not force them;

• Focus on the child’s efforts;

• Encourage children to play according to the rules and settle disagreements without

   resorting to hostility or violence;

• Never ridicule or yell at a child;

• Appreciate good performances by all participants;

• Respect officials' decisions;

• Show appreciation for coaches, age managers, officials and administrators.

Participant's Code of Conduct

Please take the time to discuss this code of conduct with your child:

• Play by the rules;

• Do not argue with an official;

• Control your temper;

• Work hard for yourself and your team;

• Treat all participants as you would like to be treated;

• Cooperate with your coach, Age Group Manager, teammates and opponents;

• Participate for your own enjoyment;

• Respect the rights and dignity of all other participants;

• Respect the equipment you use;

• Respect the club house;

• Be a good sport and applaud all good performances.

Coaches/Officials’ Code of Conduct

• Remember that young people participate for pleasure and winning is only part of the


• Never ridicule or yell at a young competitor for making a mistake or not coming first;

• Be reasonable in your demands on a competitor’s time, energy and enthusiasm;

• Operate within the rules and spirit of life saving and teach your competitors to do the


• Ensure that the time competitors spend with you is a positive experience. All young

people are deserving of equal attention and opportunities;

• Afford all competitors equal time;

• Ensure that equipment and facilities meet the safety standards and are appropriate to

the age and ability of all competitors;

• Display control, respect and professionalism to all involved with life saving. This

includes opponents, coaches, officials, administrators, the media, parents and

spectators. Encourage competitors to do the same. Obtain appropriate qualifications

and keep up to date with the latest coaching practices and the principles of growth and

development of young people;

• Any physical contact with a young person should be appropriate to the situation and

necessary for the competitor’s skill development;

• Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every young person regardless of their gender,

ability, cultural background or religion;

• Treat each competitor as an individual. Respect the talent, development stage and

goals of each competitor, and help each competitor reach their full potential;

• Don't interfere with the progress and/or conduct of competition unless called to do so

by another official ;

• Abide by the officials' decisions.

Mornington Life Saving Club

1a Mills Beach on the Esplanade

Mornington 3931

Victoria Australia 


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