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Beach Flags – Competitors lie down in the sand, facing away from the flags. At the signal they get to their feet, turn and sprint to a flag (piece of hose) placed in the sand. There is always less flags than competitors. Anyone who fails to gain a flag is eliminated until there is only two nippers left. The competitor, who wins the last flag, wins. U8 – U14 

Beach Sprint – the beach sprint course is usually set over 70m. Starting when the whistle is sounded the competitor sprints across the soft sand through the finish line. The first competitors’ chest across the finish line is deemed the winner. U8 – U14 

Beach Relay – the beach relay consists of a team of four competitors and a baton (rubber hose). Members 1 and 3 are stationed at one end of the course whilst members 2 and 4 are at the other. The object is to successfully complete the race without dropping the baton and exchanging within the set boundaries. First across the line wins. U6 – U14 

Board Race – this race is done using a board to negotiate the break, follow a set course of buoys and return to shore surfing the waves back to the beach. Board requirements for the U9-10s are on 2m long foam boards; U11-13s are 2m long fibreglass boards and U14s use a Malibu fiberglass board, 3.2m in length U9 – U14


Board Rescue – consisting of 2 nippers, a swimmer and a board paddler. The swimmer enters the water, swims to their coloured buoy and signals to the board paddler, who paddles out, around the buoy, picks up the swimmer and both competitors paddle to the beach, both carrying the board over the line. U12 – U14 

Board Relay – a board relay team consists of three competitors all with their own board. The first team member paddles out around the buoys then heads back towards the shore and tags with the second team member who does the same. The final team member has to complete the same course and then run through the finish line. The first team to successfully pass all the buoys and cross the finish line will be declared the winner. U9 – U14 

Surf Race – the surf race involves swimming around a course of buoys placed out in the ocean. Getting through the shore break can be tough, as well as the return to the beach negotiating the waves, but then to be a lifesaver you must be tough. The distances for the U9- U10 is approx 200m and 300m for the U11-U14. U9 – U14 

Surf Teams – consisting of four members, all competitors swim in the same race, around the buoys and back to the beach. Each placing is given a certain amount of points e.g. First = 1 point, tenth = 10 points. The team with the least amount of points win or in the case of a draw, the team who crossed the line first, wins. U9 – U14 

Ironman/Ironwoman – in the nipper age groups the ironman/ironwoman race involves three legs including the board and the swim sections with a run in between each of these. This is a tough event which requires endurance, strength and plenty of skills. U11 – U14 

Aqua Cameron Relay – involves 4 members, a wader, a swimmer, a board paddler and a runner. The wader completes a wade course and tags the runner near the shore, who runs along the beach and tags the swimmer - who completes a swim race, then runs back to position ready for the board paddler to tag who completes a board race before tagging the runner who sprints towards the finish line. U11 – U14 

Wade Race – athletes have to wade, dive or swim their way through waist depth water around the three Water Safety Markers from left to right, then make their way back up the beach through the finish line. U8 – U10


Wade Relay – this relay race consists of 4 competitors. The first member runs and wades around the water safety markers, back to the beach where they tag the second member who does the same. They tag the third and finally forth and final member who runs through the finish line. U8 – U10 

R & R – 2 and 5 person R & & teams compete in a precise drill that simulates rescue and resuscitation. Points are given for incorrect procedures. The team with the least amount of points, wins. Combined U11 – U14 

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